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​The savior of the stressed liver

by Katai Katai
​The savior of the stressed liver

The liver is one of the largest organs, its mass reaches 1.5 kilograms. A well-functioning liver is necessary for good health and strong immune system. Our body get rid of a variety of toxins with the help of the liver. It is the organ that detoxifies and cleanses the body, constantly filtering the toxins from the blood. What happens when you overwhelm your liver?

When the liver becomes overwhelmed due to stress or toxins, your health is seriously compromised.

In addition, liver is responsible for biliary excretion. The gall is needed to break down fats and proteins so it is extremely important to keep our liver well-functioning. Without it, the body would not be able to cleanse itself and nutrient absorption would be prevented.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle, as a herbal remedy, has been used for centuries to protect and rejuvenate the liver. Milk thistle protects the liver, improves functionality and enhances recovery. This herb is often used in case of liver disease, cirrhosis and hepatitis treatment. It is recommended if you frequently drink alcohol, you take a lot of medication or you are working with toxic substances.

Its active agent called silymarin which has incredible cleaning effect. The silymarin accelerates the regeneration of liver cells and enhances the production of proteins in cells. In long-term damage prevention, milk thistle plays an important role as it protects against the development of liver cirrhosis. The silymarin also has anti-inflammatory effect thus it is of great significance in reducing chronic inflammation of the liver.

Besides milk thistle protects the liver, it gives great improvements in many other areas as well, such as:

  1. It helps prevent and treat skin problems
  2. It improves blood glucose
  3. It improves kidneys health
  4. It helps brain functions
  5. It keeps the cholesterol at normal level

Recommended daily amount: The recommended doses range from 70-420 mg, meaning 2-3 capsules a day. milk-thistle-extract-500-mg-90-capsules-


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