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Pure Hand Made Soap Our hand made, pure vegetable soaps are high in natural extracts to gently cleanse, tone and refresh without drying the skin.
Brand: Faith In Nature Model: 708002100741
Faith in Nature For normal and dry skin types - for babies and the elderly as wellAloe vera and exotic aromatherapy oils in the soap are so rich in enzymes that it relieves and regenerates the skin.It does not contain any artificial fragrance, coloring agent, preservative or bleach. ..
3.84 €
Brand: Faith In Nature Model: 708002100543
Faith in Nature For greasy skin types and teenagers with problematic skin The fungicide, anti-viral and antibacterial properties of Tea tree oil have long been known.This soap has Tea tree oil in high volumes.It contains no artificial fragrance, coloring agents, preservatives or bleaches...
3.84 €
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