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Brand: La Commerce Model: 5kitchen-faucet
5 ways water faucet to install in your kitchen with a water purifier, so you have in one faucet cold and warm water and 3 types of filtered water...
Ex Tax:480.00€
Brand: La Commerce Model: PURE-LCT-MF02
PURE – LCT-MF02Ultrafiltration System for domestic useFILTER WITH SILVER IONSAPURE KIT INCLUDESUltrafiltration system including an electronic mechanism of sound signal when filters are exhausted and anti-flooding system2 customized Apure bottles 750 clOversink faucetInstallation KitOperation and mai..
Ex Tax:640.00€
Brand: La Commerce Model: LCT-MF01
GANGE – LCT-MF01Microfiltration Systems with Philips UVC sterilizer «Under baseboard»WATER PRODUCTION: 180 l/hTECHNICAL FEATURES1st stage: in-line sediment filter 12” PPF – 5 micron2nd stage: carbon block filter 12” – 5 micron3rd stage: UV lamp 11 W 1GPMthe UV lamp only works with the water supply (..
Ex Tax:1,296.00€
Brand: Handcraft Model: Crochet-Bookmark
This handmade crochet crayons bookmark is for saving a page in your favorite book. It is wonderful gift for book lovers, your children or girlfriend and boyfriend. The colors of the bookmark are grey-pink and white.The bookmark measures about 24 cm. This handmade crochet crayons bookmark is for..
Ex Tax:9.00€
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: 4899888116219
A wall mounted desk with an original and very decorative design that's ideal for working from home, writing, drawing, doing homework, etc. It has a blackboard for writing on, a cork board for pinning on notes with drawing pins and shelves for books, photos, ornaments, etc.Made of wood, vinyl, cork a..
Ex Tax:79.20€
Brand: AEG Model: 7332543603800
Colour: BlackPower: 3750 WVoltage: 220-240 VFrequency: 50-60 HzControl: TouchpadCooking Areas: 3Timer: yesType: IntegrableApprox. diameter:Ø 22 cmØ 28 cmApprox. dimensions: 59 x 52 x 4,4 cm..
Ex Tax:532.00€
Brand: La Commerce Model: 3-ways-chrome
3 ways mixer water faucet  to use in your kitchen or office.For hot, cold and filtered water in one unique faucet.MADE IN ITALY...
Ex Tax:259.20€
Brand: La Commerce Model: LCT-05
ARNO – LCT-05Direct flow Reverse Osmosis systemOSMOTIC WATER PRODUCTION: 60-90 l/hTECHNICAL FEATURESPower supply: 220 V – 50 HzEngine: auto air coolingPump: roating pump for high pressure in brass, NSF certified 200 l/h 300 l/hOsmotic films: n° 2 of 100 GPD TFC n° 2 of 150 GPD TFC (Thin Film Composi..
Ex Tax:1,492.00€
Brand: La Commerce Model: LENA–LCT-SMART
LENA – LCT-SMARTDirect flow Reverse Osmosis system «Under baseboard»OSMOTIC WATER PRODUCTION: 60 l/hTECHNICAL FEATURESPower supply: 220 V – 50 HzEngine: 180 W – 220 V – 50 HzPump: with mebrane 220 V by Aquatech made in USAOsmotic membrane: n° 2 1812 of 100 GPD TFC (Thin Film Composite) by FilmTecFil..
Ex Tax:1,368.00€
Brand: La Commerce Model: PIAVE-LCT-09
PIAVE – LCT-09Direct flow Reverse Osmosis systemWATER PRODUCTION: 90-100 l/hSTOP TO STAINS NO DRYINGLOWER CONSUMPTION, more respect for environmentTECHNICAL FEATURESChassis: 430 stainless steelPower supply: 220 V – 50 HzEngine: 250 W – 230 V – 50 HzPump: rotary vane pump for high pressure in brass, ..
Ex Tax:1,320.00€
Brand: La Commerce Model: SENNA-LCT-04-INOX
SENNA – LCT-04-INOXDirect flow Reverse Osmosis system «Under baseboard»OSMOTIC WATER PRODUCTION: 90 l/hSTAINLESS STEEL BODYTECHNICAL FEATURESPower supply: 220 V – 50 HzEngine: 180 W – 220 V – 50 HzPump: 300 l/h rotary vane pump for high pressure in brass, NSF certifiedOsmotic membrane: n° 2 2012 da ..
Ex Tax:1,344.00€
Brand: La Commerce Model: SMART-RO-WIFI
EV Smart is the first smart Reverse Osmosis water purifier on the market that communicates with the user through Wi-Fi. Its intelligent unique control unit saves the technical data measured by the device and thus the user always knows how is the carachteristics of the water he drinks and he got aler..
Ex Tax:856.00€
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