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EV Smart is the first smart RO water purifier on the market that communicates with the user through Wi-Fi. Its intelligent unique control unit saves the technical data measured by the device and thus the user always knows how is the carachteristics of the water he drinks and he got alerted as well when filter has to be changed. You can control your water purifier from your smartphone or tablet.

What data does EV Smart provide? 1. It can be programmed on your language 2. Incoming water TDS value 3. Outgoing water TDS value 4. Product name and serial number 5. Maintenance date 6. Water consumption in liters 7. Filter Replacement 8. Overtime 9. Water leakage 10. Water scarcity 11. Technician’s phone number 12. Status supervision
Technical details:
Design: metal housing
Dimensions: M45xSz11x45H cm
Packaging: 5-ply corrugated paper, white cardboard box
Weight: 13kg
Current consumption: 220V input-36V output (low voltage)
Production: 90-100 liters per hour
Required water pressure: min.1bar-max.6bar (above 6 bar pressure reducer needed)
Application: min.10 ° C to max.35 ° C
Water connection: input 3/4 "- output 3/4"
Number of Filters: 4pcs: 1pcs 2.5 "prefilter (5 micron), 1 carbon filter, 1 osmosis membrane
with Filmtec materials Made in USA (150 GPD)
Filtering capacity: 5,000 liters
By-pass valve: remineralization
Control unit The Wi-Fi modem connected creates a password-protected Wi-Fi Network, what can be used with either a mobile phone tablet or notebook. Join the matrix network with our device. Password required for connection 12345678, recommended Your device may warn you not to access the Internet from this network. It is just a simple Telnet application for communication with the circuit required. It works with Android and Windows Mobile 8.1 and IOS phones. For Android, install the Simple Telnet Client from the market Can be customized and communicated in any language.
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