Yummy Red 5-Pack


Yummy Sweet Red is the ideal sugar substitute for your kitchen. Drinks, shakes, cakes and pies – no one will notice it’s sugar free, not even you.

One bottle replaces 25 kg of sugar! It’s really intense; you only have to use a tiny pinch instead of a teaspoon of sugar. That’s why we provide a small measuring spoon with each bottle of Yummy: it makes it easy to get the amount right.

0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 glycemic index
Dissolves easily: dissolves well even in cold drinks or ice cream
Heat-resistant: it does not change its taste due to heat
Before you use Yummy Red, please make sure you read the instructions about measurements. Yummy is extremely intense, and if it tastes something else than sugar, you’ve probably used too much.

One spoonful is 0,07g which equals the sweetening power of 12g sugar (about a tablespoon).


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